fucking nice

I agree it’s not ideal to say fuck on the tennis court, even if it is directed at yourself. But ¬†especially not when the tennis court is at school. I know there is no need to swear and I could have said fooey as was suggested, but I didn’t. I do know it is a legacy left from a lifetime in advertising where swearing was everyday. And no, not to insult, or hurt but simply to explain, share, show strong emotion. Among adults. That is fucking awesome means so much more than that is awesome, or that is so awesome or that is very awesome. Or even that is bloody awesome. Everyone understands. I agree that some times it is just not ideal. But please whatever you do, don’t judge me by how I speak, but rather by who I am and how I behave. I am not frightened of words, but I am frightened of people who hide behind ‘nice’ words and judgements. I know awful people who never swear. I know fabulous compassionate kind people who swear. It is never meant to disrespect anyone, because for me it is just an adjective, a very descriptive word. But just a word. And yes, a habit. But, I could think of worse habits to have.