one hundred and ninety eight


I am grateful for a sleepy eyed tousle haired little monkey with a green moustache. I love how Jem is embracing my start your day with a green juice thing. The poor girl has hardly opened her eyes and a yummy glass of juiced green veggies is thrust in her hands. Accompanied with a jovial ‘morning sweetheart’. I love that she is still young enough not to argue. Actually she thinks its ‘delicious’. You do, hey Jem?.

one hundred and ninety seven


I am grateful to be living in a town where I am constantly amazed by people’s honesty, care and concern for others. For the pattern of people who put themselves out for others. For no gain. I am grateful my friend got her purse back, especially as our fun evening contributed to its loss. But mostly I am grateful for the fact that I can now stop harassing all the local cab drivers. I’m sure they are too.


Do as I say but not as I do has thankfully never been a mantra of mine. I truly believe it is so easy to say something but not so easy to be something or do something. Or live by it. But I do like to think I am a good example to my girls of living a life according to my oft sprouted principles. One of which is moderation. Pfffft. Excuse me while I snort. Who have I been trying to kid. Certainly not those who know and love me. Friday night was a fabulous fabulous example of wonderful excess. Moderation schmoderation. You only live once etc etc etc. But. You do have to take responsibility for your choices. For your behaviour. Now that has always been a mantra of mine, and one I am happy to stand by. But as for doing as I say but not as I do, I’d still be ok with my girls doing as I do. I think its called living.

one hundred and ninety five


I went on a girls night out last night. And had far too fabulous a time. So today I am so grateful for a can of coke. Or three. It was the only thing that made me feel human again.  Maybe one day I’ll find my off switch. But I suspect not. And I’m grateful for that too. I think.

one hundred and ninety three

I love a matt red lipstick. I am grateful for the connection I have with a very dear friend who also loves a matt red lipstick. And Audrey Hepburn and New York. And roses. And understated style. And crystal glasses. And single malt. And laughter. And irreverence. As I put my lipstick on tonight I thought of her and a smile played on my lips. We have a history together, a history punctuated with much laughter and love. I am grateful for her friendship,  for our forever connection and for her new Skype wizardry.

one hundred and ninety


I am grateful today for whatever it took to get me through the day. And for giving myself permission to feel sorry for myself. Just for a little bit. But I am mostly so very grateful for the fact that after today I only have one zoladex implant left. Yay me. Seriously.