three hundred and forty seven



27 December. There is nothing like life lessons passed on from generation to generation. Especially the lost art of skimming stones. I am grateful for uncles, both mine and theirs, and especially for their neverending patience and love.

two hundred and seventy six


I am grateful for our little unit. And for silver linings. No house help, no nannies, no gardeners and no family close by seemed like an alien world. And it was. But it’s a world where we are closer, are more present and are stronger as a unit. And not only because we have to be, but because we choose to be.

one hundred and eighty five






I am grateful for how little it truly takes to make me happy. I was in heaven today over a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate cake. I had it with lunch, for afternoon tea and for dinner. I love how I convince myself that if I have a light meal, a piece of cake doesn’t count. It is the most divine cake. I found it by googling easiest cake recipe in the world. Genuinely. (I have a valid reason for doing this). And anyway its vegan so it’s okay to overindulge. Which means I can have a piece before bed.

ninety six


20 April. Another day another little cherub. Quinn was born a year ago. How the year has flown. He was tiny, new, sweet and dependent. In a year, he has become Quinn, a gentle, calm, fiercely independent, cutely walking, very still yet open little chap. It is incredible to contemplate the growth in Quinn in only one year. I am grateful for that moment today with little Quinn in my arms when I was reminded how long a year really is. When I was reminded how focusing on moments like these, slows everything down. Right down.