one hundred and eighty eight

Jem was sensational as Alice. She truly amazed me. Amazed all of us. I am grateful she got the chance to find out what she’s capable of. To put herself out there. I am grateful for the love and support she got from her friends and most especially from her big sister. But I am especially grateful for the fact that Alice’s mom can finally get a good night’s sleep tonight.

ninety seven



21 April. I am grateful for the perfect last lunch on the patio. For a connection between people I love. For a connection between my daughter and my friend’s daughter that was there the day they were born. I am grateful for a personal connection of the heart. With a friend who thinks like me, laughs like me, talks like me, dresses like me, swears like me, drinks like me, is a slave to coffee like me, explores like me, cries like me, talks fast like me, overshares like me, who wears black, biscuit and grey like me. I am grateful for my friend Leigh, who is a true brave heart and who encourages me to be ok with me, but also inspires me to be so much more than me.

forty nine

I am very very grateful for the relationship Kate and Courteney enjoy. It made me melt when I saw them interact today because I know that they will always have each other. There is something inexplicably special about their relationship. They are as close as siblings but are not, they get each other like friends do, but are family.  I know they trust each other with everything. I am grateful my daughter and my sister’s daughter are best friends.