two hundred and thirty two

3 September. I loved these rows of little paper people at school pick up today symbolising care@gslc week, as part of child protection week. A beautiful way of creating awareness and sharing that all the students should care about each other and protect each other. I am grateful for the gentle lesson to my children that we are all responsible. That we can all help make the world a safer place, a better place. Simply by caring for each other more.

forty four

I love the movies. I especially love the movies on a weekday morning. It feels so indulgent because it was just never ever something I would do. So, today I am grateful I could go to a midweek matinee movie and not take it for granted. And feel naughty and indulged but not guilty. I am grateful for the treat. And for the momentary pause.

twenty five

I get to drive along this river every single day. I am extremely grateful that this is my route to virtually everywhere, including Kate and Jem’s school. I am grateful because it takes just 3 mins. And because it gives me a moments pause to reflect on the things I should or shouldn’t have said.