three hundred and fifty nine



8 January. I always comment on how we are surrounded by girls on my side of the family. I am grateful for the wonderful energy these gorgeous girls bring into our world. Today I felt the gentle, intense, wise, vibrant energy keenly especially with three more angels joining in. All who’ve so obviously been here before. Oh and Badger being the always welcome token male of course.

two hundred and forty two

I simply can’t capture the delightful moment I shared with a charming elderly gentleman today. I had just ordered my coffee when I caught his eye as he was struggling out of his jumper (or jersey depending on where you’re from). He winked at me and said, I’m always here about now, stripping for the customers. It was so delightfully unexpected. He was a real gentleman too in dress and demeanour. Hilarious. What a delightful character. I am so grateful for this little moment which just made the world a little lighter. And for having the pleasure of meeting this lovely man. And Jo, I’m not stalking older people, I’m not. But I am loving them.

two hundred and twelve

Arienne and I had a giggle as we glimpsed ourselves in the future. These two wonderful women were having a delightfully animated discussion punctuated with peals of laughter on the grass verge next to main beach today. Just like we were. The one had a bun, the other lovely curly hair, just like we do. They were as delightful in reality as I imagined them to be. And loved that I wanted to photograph them.  I am grateful for the wonderful reminder that no matter your age or your story, there is always beauty in a moment shared with a friend.

fifty two

I was humbled today. By the lovely mum of a dear friend of mine. She told me I had a gift. In how I was able to write. That she gained from reading me. I was humbled because she had so much wisdom, so much knowledge, so much grace and so much to share. And was one of the most dignified woman I have ever met. It was an honour to spend some time with her. I wished I could write down everything she shared, because it all just made so much sense. She is the one who truly has a gift. The gift of treating everyone with love and respect and kindness. The gift of being able to see truth. The gift of being able to hold herself back so others can experience their journey. The gift of no ego. I am grateful that today I got to learn so much about myself from someone who knows nothing about me. I am grateful for and humbled by her wisdom. The wisdom that only time and experience can bring.