three hundred and twenty eight

CrossProcessed Photo


8 December. Our new neighbours have lots of christmas lights. And an inflatable Father Christmas. I love our Christmas tree with its singular bird. And lights. Not that we felt the need to keep up. At all. But I am grateful for the giggle our perfectly paltry offering gave us.

three hundred and seventeen

I am grateful for lovely plump lips. Especially because they are only temporary. Courtesy of the herpes simplex virus aka a cold sore aka a fever blister.Delightful. So, who said there wasn’t an upside to most things? I am grateful for the reminder in a myriad of ways today that your attitude is everything.

two hundred and nine

11 August.  I’m not superstitious, well not really, but things do come in threes. And especially they say, catastrophes. I love that word, its wonderfully melodramatic. And it has been fairly catastrophic (in a thankfully mundane way but nonetheless) me losing our house and car keys (because I need to tell our mean landlord for the umpteenth time that I’ve lost keys and it seems it’s not a simple matter to replace them but mostly because I hate being in the wrong when it comes to officious difficult people), then smashing my iphone (for the third time, funny that). So today I am grateful B dropped the so very precious spare house key onto a deck, and with my luck, the damn thing fell between the wooden slats. I mean, really. Thankfully to be retrieved but with some effort. But still, I’m grateful because I have decided that is catastrophe number three. And so be it.