two hundred and twenty nine



Today I am so very grateful for happy homecomings. For a brave daughter who has had a fabulous taste of the adventure that awaits her. And for the reminder of how precious and fleeting this time is. Right now life is back to as it should be. For our family of four. For now. And for that I am immensely grateful.

two hundred and twenty eight

I am grateful for memories, for friendships that exist beyond this life, for the everyday reminders of those we miss. I will forever honour and respect the memory of my dear friend and her little angel every time I kiss my daughters and hold them close. I had to write a mother daughter letter to Kate and hand it to the camp leaders for an intensive girls night out session they were having this last week. A letter of affirmation, pride and for me, gratitude. In writing my letter I ended with the words to Martina McBrides song, In my daughter’s eyes.  It is my favourite mother daughter song, most especially because it was shared by my friend to farewell her sweet little angel and will forever sit in my heart. As will they.


We put an offer in on a house. You have no idea how huge that is. Never mind that the egotistical architect owner wants too much for it and won’t budge on his over inflated price or overinflated ego. The point is, we put an offer in on a house. To live in. That is huge. For me who was only coming for a two year adventure. I know its just a house and we can sell it and move on, but its more what it symbolises. To us. Commitment. To being here. To calling this home.

two hundred and twenty four

26 August.  I am grateful for a wonderful family day spent with our child. How beautiful to be with her after three weeks away. Away from life as we all know it. How wonderful to see how much she has grown, how much she has learnt, how full of gratitude she is and how free she has become.

two hundred and twenty three

25 August. Travelling along the roads en route to Blackbutt I was once again taken aback by how beautiful and varied from gentle to lush to beautifully arid the Australian landscape is. B and I were commenting on how Australia was never on our radar. Not ever. And here we are on a saturday afternoon hurtling along some road miles from nowhere with one of our daughters ensconced with friends she would never have known in the middle of god knows where growing and being. Today I am grateful for the unexpected gifts and paths life gives us. And for the courage to take them.

two hundred and twenty two

I have been getting many we care about you but we are starting to wonder because you are obsessing a bit and maybe a little odd writing to your daughter every single day looks from my friends. Seriously, every day? Well, I am grateful today to be able to say nah nah nah nah nah. I am so grateful I have written most days (Jem and B did on the days I didn’t) because Kate feels loved. Feels acknowledged. Maybe I should write twice a day?