one hundred and ninety seven


I am grateful to be living in a town where I am constantly amazed by people’s honesty, care and concern for others. For the pattern of people who put themselves out for others. For no gain. I am grateful my friend got her purse back, especially as our fun evening contributed to its loss. But mostly I am grateful for the fact that I can now stop harassing all the local cab drivers. I’m sure they are too.

one hundred and sixty

23 June There is always something to be involved in here, whether a 20km walk for breast cancer, a theatre offering, a triathlon, a food festival, a jazz festival, a literary offering, a surfing festival, a debate, a degustation dinner. And then some.  I am grateful for where we live, for all it offers, for the wonderful selfless people that the world depends upon, for friends who make getting up at 5am in the dark fun. And for a reason to have champers at 10am.

one hundred and fifty five


I am grateful B remembered it was our anniversary today before I did.  I suspect I would have been less than gracious had it been the other way around.  I am also grateful for the fortuitous timing of his return. Despite me forgetting (momentarily(!)) the day we got married 18 years ago, I suspect I would have been less than gracious had he not been home to celebrate. I am especially grateful for the magnificent day we were blessed with today. It has been a very good day.

one hundred and twenty four

Every morning when I drive over the bridge near Quamby Place heading to Hastings I see a pelican on the top of the street light.  Everytime. I am sure it’s not the same pelican but I like to think it is. I am grateful to this pelican for always making me smile. I know it isn’t an uncommon sight in Noosa but it is one that will never fail to delight me. I am also grateful to the person who took this shot, because mine was crap.

thirty seven

I am grateful for the fact that today on a Tuesday morning, I got to walk the national park and bob around in the exquisite Laguna Bay. I am grateful to Ilona and Arienne for being as in awe as me. But I am especially grateful to B for deciding Noosa is where we would live, long before I even knew it existed.