two hundred and sixty one


2 October. I am grateful for once in a lifetime adventures. As if it wasn’t adventurous enough to do a helicopter landing high in the mountains on the very top of a glacier thick with fresh fresh snow, the wind then picked up and we had to get back to our helicopter to beat a hasty retreat off the glacier. It is hard to be hasty when you’re thigh deep in snow. Much laughter and a little panic from mom. Just a little. Jeepers.

two hundred and fifty seven

28 September. A five hour kayak on the magnificent milford sound with the majestic peaks rising right out of the water has got to be one of life’s great adventures. I am so grateful Kate put herself out there and found out what she is capable of. Found out what an adventurer she actually is. And even had time to pout.


A friend of mine who has only just started the journey we have been on for the past three years and eight months (I’ve finally stopped counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds) is struggling. She knows why it is right to be here away from family, friends and the familiar. So many of the same fucked up reasons we all share. I tried to reassure her that it does get better, that change is essential for growth, that her girls will love her for the resilience she is instilling in them without even realising it, that people who matter will always be there, and those that don’t will disappear, which will make it even easier to be here. And not there. But to be honest, the only thing that makes it get better, is the only thing she doesn’t have yet. Time. Time brings new shared experiences. Time enables you to find the friends who get you. Time makes you realise you don’t have to be polite anymore to be accepted. Those that matter will get you, even if like me, you have a potty mouth (the best birthday card ever, Susie, reminded me of the card the advertising agency I worked for did for me when I was going on maternity leave to have Katie … the headline was “Fuck, my mother’s in advertising!” Yip, I’ve always had a potty mouth). Time makes you realise things might not be the same here as at home, but often they can be better. You can be better. So, my friend, hang in, keep your heart open, but your eyes too, take one step at a time, don’t look back and you too will find friends that get you, here. The new you, ready for the adventure of the unknown.