one hundred and eighty two


I am grateful for a beautiful sunset on the beach and for that unexpected moment when two glistening dolphins decide to surf some gentle waves right near the shore. And to B for going to Sydney next week so we had to have Kate’s family birthday dinner a night early. I am grateful for unexpectedly perfect timing and silver linings.

eighty seven

11 April. I am grateful for the sunset this evening. Not any sunset, but a sunset over the sea. I never realised how much I had missed it until now. Where we are now the sun rises over the sea. It never sets.  I am also grateful for another homecoming. Being with Sandi and Pete in Kommetjie is just perfect. I never realised how much I had missed it until now.

seventy nine

3 April. Today was a beautiful day. I am grateful for too many wonderful moments, from sleepy eyed tousle haired cousins at 6am, to a giraffe with eyelashes I envy, to Rick teaching Kate at 14 to drive the landy, to nearly not being able to have wine on our sunset game drive, to an off road adventure to rocky outcroppings with the most spectacular views, to Lynn and and I beyond ourselves at Rick showing his age. To all of us being together. A truly golden day.