three hundred and forty nine



29 December. The gratitude I feel towards my parents knows no bounds. I am grateful I grew up with them as an example of how to be and sometimes how not to be. Today we celebrate 50 wonderful years of a true partnership, an authentic one, where ups and downs were shared. Where life was celebrated and conflicts were aired and resolved. With passion. And in fact still are. I am grateful for the lessons learnt. That life is messy, and messy is good because messy is real, and messy teaches you to appreciate the rosy. That honesty is what matters, and that love truly does conquer all. I am grateful for the example set but mostly I am grateful to my parents for our family, my brother and sister and our partners and our children and especially the bond that exists between us all. We are because they are.

three hundred and forty five



25 December. A lapa christmas, a touch of style, an umbrella, laughter and love. I am grateful for an authentic celebration, for continued traditions and for the fact that no distance can separate us from those we love. We are together even when we are not.

three hundred and thirty two


12 December. As much as I dreaded my op I have to admit I was quite looking forward to the enforced bed rest. A bit messed up, I know. And it was a perfect overnight stay, drifting in and out of sleep due to the anaesthetic and a wonderful concoction of painkillers, reading a trashy romance novel, thanks Mel, and being waited on hand and foot.  But despite this sad indictment on my life, I am beyond grateful to be home. And for the smile. You just gotta love teenagers.

three hundred and twenty



30 November. I am grateful for new beginnings and precious traditions. It seeems the Cawood way to farewell old homes and welcome new ones, is with dear friends, heaps of champagne and an empty house, one filled with love and memories and the other with love and new stories yet to be told. I am grateful the girls are as excited as B and I at our next adventure. Our new chapter.