two hundred and thirty two

3 September. I loved these rows of little paper people at school pick up today symbolising care@gslc week, as part of child protection week. A beautiful way of creating awareness and sharing that all the students should care about each other and protect each other. I am grateful for the gentle lesson to my children that we are all responsible. That we can all help make the world a safer place, a better place. Simply by caring for each other more.

one hundred and ninety seven


I am grateful to be living in a town where I am constantly amazed by people’s honesty, care and concern for others. For the pattern of people who put themselves out for others. For no gain. I am grateful my friend got her purse back, especially as our fun evening contributed to its loss. But mostly I am grateful for the fact that I can now stop harassing all the local cab drivers. I’m sure they are too.


I think the rot might have set in. This morning was the second morning this week that I dashed across the road to the bakery. I must add I am extremely grateful to be living directly across the road from a bakery. Urban bliss. Well, Noosa urban bliss. The point is not the dash to the bakery, but the fact that I did it without having applied my dermalogica treatment foundation, followed by a light sprinkling of clinique translucent powder, followed by a generous application of max factor, I kid you not, mascara, followed by a gentle swirl of mac lipstick. And in my lorna jane gear wearing my havaiana thongs (slip slops for my SA friends, not my g-string, but that was on too, luckily hidden from sight) not my nike trainers and with my slept in hair hanging loose, not artfully scraped back to look like no effort went into it. I never ever do this. Even if I am meeting a friend for a 5am walk along the river, I will get up at 4am to ensure I am ready to meet the world.  So, even when you look at my makeup free face, just know it took me some effort to look this unmade up.  I am loving the fact that some little thing has clicked. I will always make a little effort but I won’t care so much if I don’t.