three hundred and seven

Today has been a beautiful gift, a gentle day, lovely bonding moments with Kate, a delicious catch up nap, an afternoon on the couch with a new book and especially a call from the sellers agent very keen to do what is necessary to resurrect our contract on the house. So not only am I grateful for a perfect day after the night before, but also for a husband who is always right.

one hundred and fifty seven


I suspect it might be because I’m the giver of nightly fresh food but whatever the reason little Jayde seems to have developed a soft spot for me. She’s always up for a little cuddle, her favourite spot in the evening being on the couch behind my head, often snuggling under my hair. She seems to feel secure there. I’m grateful for the love of a sweet little creature. Whatever the reason.

fifty six

I was grateful for an early morning walk and coffee today. Especially grateful because it was at the request of Kate. We watched the Noosa Festival of Surfing kick off at First Point. I was amazed at how the surfers managed to do something with the beautiful pond they were presented with. Kate was amazed at how gorgeous some of them were. A perfect start to a gentle Sunday. For both of us.