three hundred and forty two


22 December. I am grateful to be at Serapa. It is in our blood. We are blessed to be able to share in the beauty that is here. Enhanced beyond measure by the red wine selected for the evening. Mostly I am simply grateful to my uncle, for sharing his world with us all.

one hundred and thirty one

I am grateful for friday nights.  A glass of red on a cool late autumn evening is even better on a friday. In fact everything tastes and seems better on a friday. I think its because friday nights are magical, they are never the same. Sometimes they are gentle and quiet and sometimes they are hectic and best forgotten and often they are not as expected. And sometimes, especially with B away, they are too quiet. But tonight as I enjoyed my red, my quiet evening was turned on its head with the unexpected arrival of a couple of boisterous teenage boys. So tonight, I am grateful for a friday night filled with unexpected fun and much hilarity. The quietness was getting to me.

eighty five



Today I am grateful for the unexpected pleasure of the most delicious cabernet from the year of Kate’s birth. An extended family and friends lunch at Graham and Sonja is always a gift. Not only for the always perfect fillet, the laughter and sharing, but for the belonging. And the knowledge that the world really is very small. But most especially for that never depleted cellar filled with the most exquisite wines.