three hundred and forty two


22 December. I am grateful to be at Serapa. It is in our blood. We are blessed to be able to share in the beauty that is here. Enhanced beyond measure by the red wine selected for the evening. Mostly I am simply grateful to my uncle, for sharing his world with us all.

seventy five


As I sat in the traffic today, having left home at 6.45 am in order to be at the clinic for my PET scan at 8 am (over an hour to travel less than 10kms), I thought I am so grateful this is no longer my reality. But then Darren Simpson aka Whackhead of 94.7 (yes, I am a 94.7 fan and am old enough not to care to admit it) shared a prank call which had me in hysterics. And all the commuters around me. On we all continued in the traffic but now smiling. Then I spotted this wonderful character juggling in the road, full of smiles and laughs for a rand or two. So, today I am grateful for being able to see and enjoy the beautiful moments whilst doing the mundane. And for the wonderful energy that is africa.