three hundred and sixty three



12 January. I am grateful for family and friends. And friends who are family. Being so far away, maintaining friendships can be hard work, from both sides. I am grateful for those friendships where it never really is. And for those who care as much as I do.

a deadline

My 365 or 366 gratefuls came to an end on 15 January. Clearly I am playing catch up, or avoidance. In my defence being away from any form of reliable connectivity is the real reason. I think. Actually it has been a blessing and a curse. A blessing as it’s given me time to consider what now, and a curse because now I’m behind. And I never miss a deadline. But I’m starting to understand there is no deadline. And imperfection is exquisite. And as a dear friend of mine wrote so very recently, beginning takes courage, but continuing takes commitment and determination. And courage too. At this point I’m doing neither, but loving that in life there truly is no deadline. So, what will be will be, what will emerge will emerge. Right now, I’m relishing sharing my last days of chronicled gratitude and the change I feel within me. As subtle as it may be.

three hundred and forty nine



29 December. The gratitude I feel towards my parents knows no bounds. I am grateful I grew up with them as an example of how to be and sometimes how not to be. Today we celebrate 50 wonderful years of a true partnership, an authentic one, where ups and downs were shared. Where life was celebrated and conflicts were aired and resolved. With passion. And in fact still are. I am grateful for the lessons learnt. That life is messy, and messy is good because messy is real, and messy teaches you to appreciate the rosy. That honesty is what matters, and that love truly does conquer all. I am grateful for the example set but mostly I am grateful to my parents for our family, my brother and sister and our partners and our children and especially the bond that exists between us all. We are because they are.

three hundred and thirty six

Hard coffee is the best coffee

This is the closest I came to Hastings street today.  I am grateful for a world where if you can’t get to it, it can get to you. And for partner who looks after me. No matter what that means. Like running a bath for me at 3am. Or bringing me my favourite coffee. You’re right angel, I am only little. And you are the best. Thank you.

three hundred and twenty five


5 December. Courteney caught a train from Brisbane to Cooroy to help us with our packing. And just to be with us. The train never made it to Cooroy, it was terminated at Nambour. Shock and horror. I loved the reprieve from packing the journey to Nambour gave me, even though I had no idea where I was going and I knew an angel was waiting for me to rescue her. I was so grateful for the sight of her familiar blue green eyes, especially when I saw the flash of relief as she recognised the jeep. I remain amazed at how much our girls have grown here, in independence, but I also love how young they still are too.

three hundred and four


I am grateful for two sweet, kind, self motivated and sometimes bloody cheeky daughters. I love how they just get on with what needs to be done, and am very grateful it is acknowledged. I can’t pretend I wasn’t very proud tonight. You go girls.