two hundred and seventy three



I had two little extra companions on the beach today. And as delightful as they were I had to be more alert today than I have been for a very long while. So whilst those who know me know I wax lyrical about every age and stage and do not wish any of it away, today I was a little bit grateful my girls are not quite so young anymore. It means I get to drift off from time to time. Bliss. And how cool are the sand circles. I watched three young girls spend ages making them. I loved how everyone walked around them for the rest of the day. Well, everyone that is, except my two young companions.

one hundred and eighty two


I am grateful for a beautiful sunset on the beach and for that unexpected moment when two glistening dolphins decide to surf some gentle waves right near the shore. And to B for going to Sydney next week so we had to have Kate’s family birthday dinner a night early. I am grateful for unexpectedly perfect timing and silver linings.

one hundred and fifty one


It’s clearly too early for the benefits of my green juice a day to kick in. My energy levels are a bit low. So I cut my morning run aka shuffle short and sat with my coffee and watched the ocean whilst I waited for my friends. I am grateful for that moment of solitude, that moment of stillness, but mostly for the feel of the beautiful winter sun on my upturned face. Pure bliss.