4 April. I woke to a glorious sunrise, coffee on the patio overlooking the vlaktes, with only the turtle doves for company. I knew it was going to be a good day. This afternoon I got my all over body PET scan results. My final results. I was told I am well, very very well. I loved and am grateful for the look of joy on my oncologist’s face. Roll on 5 years.

seventy nine

3 April. Today was a beautiful day. I am grateful for too many wonderful moments, from sleepy eyed tousle haired cousins at 6am, to a giraffe with eyelashes I envy, to Rick teaching Kate at 14 to drive the landy, to nearly not being able to have wine on our sunset game drive, to an off road adventure to rocky outcroppings with the most spectacular views, to Lynn and and I beyond ourselves at Rick showing his age. To all of us being together. A truly golden day.

seventy eight

2 April. Today I am grateful for Serapa. Not only because it is the most wonderful gift my uncle has given us all, access to this wonderful place of his, but because it is part of us all. It is our history. Serapa and the yellow landy have meant so much to my brother, sister and I and continues to. From before our partners and before our children. Being here has helped us through career upheavals, pregnancies, illness, life. Being here has welcomed engagements, new family members, new life. And has cemented all our relationships over lots of red wine, stunning game drives, treacherous mountain bike rides, peaceful bush walks and braais made to perfection. I am very very grateful to be here right now, because right now it is the place here I have the most history with.