over it

Ok a little rant. Why always woolworths? I’ve just had an interaction that has seriously left me dumbfounded. Am i losing it? It’s my little niece Anna’s birthday in South Africa, which is eight hours behind us. We had been trying to get hold of her to wish her before she left for school. The girls were trying to call from home while I quickly popped into Woolies. I was second in the queue to pay as I heard the very distinctive viber ring in my bag. Only my family from South Africa call me on viber. I knew it must be little Anna. I grabbed my phone and said hello. The sweetest little voice answered. I with a voice filled with love said, my angel, happy happy birthday my littlest love, looking up as i spoke. To meet the stony flint eyes of my cashier as she shook her head at me with disgust, turning to the next lady in the queue and shaking her head at her too, as if can you believe this woman. I was so thrown. Thankfully the viber call dropped and I turned to the 40 something lady, who had clearly heard the content of my conversation. I beg your pardon, is there a problem I asked?  She said, I was trying to say hello to you and you answered your phone, how rude. She was trying to say hello to me as I took a call from my little niece in South Africa being utterly oblivious to anything but that wonderful moment and she heard me say happy birthday to someone I clearly cared about and she has a problem with that? Because she was trying to say hello to me. She couldn’t cut me some slack? I asked her that exact question. Very politely I promise. She did have a problem with that. And continued to. Seriously, have I lost it? Actually whatever. I’m off to Coles. (And Suse, I’ve been chatting to them. I have been. My head off.)

two hundred and ten



This morning as Jem was about to take a shot of our favourite pelican (we are convinced its the same one that comes back to our favourite spot and nothing anyone says will convince us otherwise) a beautiful black labrador frolicking in the river barked with sheer enjoyment and the pelican took off as if shot. The fright Jem got and the laughter that followed was just priceless. I am grateful for this moment of silly spontaneous hilarity.

one hundred and forty five


I am very grateful for my torch. And for Mel for taking us camping so I have this torch. The lowlight in the kids loo has blown. I haven’t replaced it yet. It’s been over a week now. And no, it’s not because B is away, I replace the light bulbs even when he’s home. It’s one of our things. It’s because I bloody keep forgetting to buy a new light bulb. So, I’m grateful for the torch today because I forgot again and because the girls really don’t like a dark loo.