one hundred and thirty one

I am grateful for friday nights.  A glass of red on a cool late autumn evening is even better on a friday. In fact everything tastes and seems better on a friday. I think its because friday nights are magical, they are never the same. Sometimes they are gentle and quiet and sometimes they are hectic and best forgotten and often they are not as expected. And sometimes, especially with B away, they are too quiet. But tonight as I enjoyed my red, my quiet evening was turned on its head with the unexpected arrival of a couple of boisterous teenage boys. So tonight, I am grateful for a friday night filled with unexpected fun and much hilarity. The quietness was getting to me.

4 thoughts on “one hundred and thirty one

  1. How absolutely right you are……………this Friday was unexpectedly fabulous………we got to share fabulous dinner with your fabulous B……….in a fabulous little Japanese Restaurant………….in the fabulous Cape Town. The only thing missing was your fabulosity! For us it really was the beginning of an absolutely fabulous weekend. B on the other hand is SO fabulously over being away from you and the girls he is counting the days to share your quietness. Missed you. x

      • As Shelly said “when your husband (your brother) gets it right, he really gets it right!” It was fabulously yeehaa x

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