three hundred and forty


20 December. Some might disagree but I believe and always will that the ludicrous cost of business class is completely disproportionate to what you get, no matter the comfort nor the fawning.  But today I eat my words, I am so very grateful I got to lie down for 14 hours, and especially at B for insisting I do. Oh, and for upgrades.

three hundred and thirty three



13 December. There are few people in this world who always consider the needs of others. Always. I am so grateful for a friend, a little stick of dynamite friend who works like a demon, makes a real difference to those who really suffer in this world, is always there for her family, and still knocked on our door today with a most delicious meal. And my favourite cake. To be honest, the most welcome sight. H, you are a remarkable women. A true inspiration. And not only for your killer lasagne.

two hundred and thirty two

3 September. I loved these rows of little paper people at school pick up today symbolising care@gslc week, as part of child protection week. A beautiful way of creating awareness and sharing that all the students should care about each other and protect each other. I am grateful for the gentle lesson to my children that we are all responsible. That we can all help make the world a safer place, a better place. Simply by caring for each other more.

two hundred and two


I have met some fabulous women here. Inspiring, interesting, capable, creative, nothing is too much for them women. I am grateful for the time spent today, alongside some of them, at the worlds best ever homemade lemonade stall. You women really do rock and are inspiring in your selflessness. And even if there had been vodka in the lemon slushy machine I couldn’t have had a better time.