three hundred and sixteen

Jem’s feisty little Jayde died suddenly late today. She is completely and utterly heartbroken. They had such a tight connection, I feel her pain and felt so helpless in the face of her devastation today. I am grateful they had each other. It was a very precious bond not understood by everyone, but definitely by me. And by B. Who sent Jem a sweet letter to make her feel better with this pic of Jayde. She was an unique little creature. We will miss her. I will miss her.

one hundred and fifty seven


I suspect it might be because I’m the giver of nightly fresh food but whatever the reason little Jayde seems to have┬ádeveloped a soft spot for me. She’s always up for a little cuddle, her favourite spot in the evening being on the couch behind my head, often snuggling under my hair. She seems to feel secure there. I’m grateful for the love of a sweet little creature. Whatever the reason.