three hundred and fifteen

25 November. I am grateful for a very patient family (and cheeky cousins), and here I mean my brother and sister and sister in law too. I have been a grump, taken on more than I can chew and spat it out all over all of them. And B too. I am grateful for them, not only for their patience with me, but especially for their understanding. And love.

two hundred and one

After my lemon drizzle disaster I am grateful for my new go to never fail easy as chocolate vegan cake discovered only a short while ago.  I made one quickly this am but forgot the baking soda so it tasted fab but looked flat. Very flat. So another. Third time lucky, I sent a cake off to school. Even Jem thought I was completely mad. I’m just a tad obsessive, and I’m grateful that I’ve finally made peace with that. And anyway, as you know, I love chocolate cake for lunch. And I shudder to think what a disaster our fair would have been if I hadn’t sent in a cake.