one hundred and fifty one


It’s clearly too early for the benefits of my green juice a day to kick in. My energy levels are a bit low. So I cut my morning run aka shuffle short and sat with my coffee and watched the ocean whilst I waited for my friends. I am grateful for that moment of solitude, that moment of stillness, but mostly for the feel of the beautiful winter sun on my upturned face. Pure bliss.

2 thoughts on “one hundred and fifty one

  1. You’ll see, it will kick in! I actually found it more effective than coffee (and I can barely say my name without my morning cup). Ok I was preggars and the midwife insisted I give it up, so I did, went cold turkey, and I found my daily juice left me feeling more awake than my beloved large mug of coffee did. Not that your post was really about your juice, or your coffee, but actually that lovely moment of stillness. How wonderful to find such a moment, but even better to recognise and be grateful for it. You really are living consciously. You are so in touch with your life, your surroundings… Inspirational!!! Oh and I’m dusting my juicer off (am I really going to let a little washing up deter me!) – you’ve inspired me there too! xxx

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