one hundred and fifty one


It’s clearly too early for the benefits of my green juice a day to kick in. My energy levels are a bit low. So I cut my morning run aka shuffle short and sat with my coffee and watched the ocean whilst I waited for my friends. I am grateful for that moment of solitude, that moment of stillness, but mostly for the feel of the beautiful winter sun on my upturned face. Pure bliss.

one hundred and forty nine

I got my favourite jacket back today. The jacket I left in a cab on friday night.  I found delicious cut up prepared raw butternut today. The kind you just pop into the oven, like from home. With the emphasis on peeled and cut up. I bought a juicer and Jem and I made our first ever green juice, the reason I bought the juicer. Spinach leaves, kale, celery, cucumber, apple, ice. Delicious. Even Kate said so. And she refused to try it at first because  something so healthy and full of greens must be yuck. I made roast chicken for dinner with homemade gravy that I caught Jem slurping up like soup. To reward myself for my healthy green juice, I indulged in half a slab of the most delicious organic milk chocolate in the whole entire world, which I have a friend to thank for. I said goodnight to Kate as I do every night but tonight it dissolved into a giggle fest. I am grateful for the little things today. The little indulgences that for a moment made my heart sing. And especially because I noticed.

twenty six

What a wonderful moment this morning when we realised a beautiful Galah was in the tree above us. I am grateful to be living in a country where cockatoos fly free. I am grateful to Grant for instilling a love for them in us via a soft toy long before we even knew what they were. Or where we’d be. I am grateful for the moment to enjoy its beauty and am determined to forever be amazed by their abundant presence.


A thing of beauty. B’s words, not mine, on seeing a full drawer of Nespresso pods this morning. He is right, it is a thing of beauty. I am grateful today not only for the full drawer, the wonderful aroma, the best coffee at the touch of a button, the no mess but mostly for the moments to come.