three hundred and sixteen

Jem’s feisty little Jayde died suddenly late today. She is completely and utterly heartbroken. They had such a tight connection, I feel her pain and felt so helpless in the face of her devastation today. I am grateful they had each other. It was a very precious bond not understood by everyone, but definitely by me. And by B. Who sent Jem a sweet letter to make her feel better with this pic of Jayde. She was an unique little creature. We will miss her. I will miss her.

three hundred and nine


Not sure if it’s as a result of ┬ábeing the youngest of six kids, or just a boy thing, but B simply cannot put his shoes away. Where he takes them off there they stay. It pisses me off. But today I was so grateful for those boots in the middle of the lounge. We have missed them.