three hundred and fifty five


4 January. I am grateful for my oncologist. And that in my desire to find the best care I came full circle to the man who scared me off at first. I am grateful for his honesty, his integrity, his purpose and his lovely sense of humour. I am reminded today as I sit in front of him of the laughter he brought in to the chemo ward, despite the hush that was always present. I loved that. He made me laugh. He brought hope.

three hundred and fifty two



1 January. I am grateful for a new year. Not because 2012 was not a year to celebrate, it was, for all the lessons learnt, challenges faced, decisions made, love shared and life lived. I am grateful for every moment. But I am looking forward to moving forward. To being less in limbo, to truly living what is, to making a real home for the girls and to even more love and laughter. Life is good.

three hundred and fifty


30 December. I am grateful for a trip down memory lane and for worlds colliding, a Melissa’s in Parkhurst. Perfection. I loved living in Parkhurst. But I still don’t get why they painted our crisp white wall dog poo brown. Not that I care. But seriously, what were they thinking. I guess there is no going back.

three hundred and forty nine



29 December. The gratitude I feel towards my parents knows no bounds. I am grateful I grew up with them as an example of how to be and sometimes how not to be. Today we celebrate 50 wonderful years of a true partnership, an authentic one, where ups and downs were shared. Where life was celebrated and conflicts were aired and resolved. With passion. And in fact still are. I am grateful for the lessons learnt. That life is messy, and messy is good because messy is real, and messy teaches you to appreciate the rosy. That honesty is what matters, and that love truly does conquer all. I am grateful for the example set but mostly I am grateful to my parents for our family, my brother and sister and our partners and our children and especially the bond that exists between us all. We are because they are.