three hundred and fifty two



1 January. I am grateful for a new year. Not because 2012 was not a year to celebrate, it was, for all the lessons learnt, challenges faced, decisions made, love shared and life lived. I am grateful for every moment. But I am looking forward to moving forward. To being less in limbo, to truly living what is, to making a real home for the girls and to even more love and laughter. Life is good.

2 thoughts on “three hundred and fifty two

  1. Hi Lianne, I am in awe of all your posts, I love them! Thanks for all the inspiration. Are you settling for good in Aus? Love to Katey and Gemm, love Michelle

    • Thanks for this Michelle. I have to push post before I think too much, else probably wouldn’t!! Re Oz, who knows what tomorrow brings, but for now this is where we are, so we are settling here for now, have bought a house, are applying for permanent residency (Oz didn’t want me until I was 5 years in remission … I’m finally over the rejection hehe) …. and what will be will be. xx

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