three hundred and fifty five


4 January. I am grateful for my oncologist. And that in my desire to find the best care I came full circle to the man who scared me off at first. I am grateful for his honesty, his integrity, his purpose and his lovely sense of humour. I am reminded today as I sit in front of him of the laughter he brought in to the chemo ward, despite the hush that was always present. I loved that. He made me laugh. He brought hope.

2 thoughts on “three hundred and fifty five

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    Samantha Yates Schroeder, Lesley Oliver, Robin Davey and 5 others like this.

    Susie Pitts Yoy have the reason and I have the Champagne… Looking forward to toasting the 5 yerars when you get back.
    January 6 at 2:49pm via mobile · like · 3

    Lianne Cawood It’s a date and you so have the reason too … to celebrate life xxx
    January 6 at 2:50pm · Like

    Janine Daniels To life Lianne xxx
    January 6 at 5:30pm via mobile · Like

    Samantha Yates Schroeder The saints amongst us… Love them x
    January 7 at 5:25am via mobile · Like

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