fifty two

I was humbled today. By the lovely mum of a dear friend of mine. She told me I had a gift. In how I was able to write. That she gained from reading me. I was humbled because she had so much wisdom, so much knowledge, so much grace and so much to share. And was one of the most dignified woman I have ever met. It was an honour to spend some time with her. I wished I could write down everything she shared, because it all just made so much sense. She is the one who truly has a gift. The gift of treating everyone with love and respect and kindness. The gift of being able to see truth. The gift of being able to hold herself back so others can experience their journey. The gift of no ego. I am grateful that today I got to learn so much about myself from someone who knows nothing about me. I am grateful for and humbled by her wisdom. The wisdom that only time and experience can bring.

1 thought on “fifty two

  1. Wow she sounds like an absolute gem. I can only begin to imagine how amazing, talented and full of self worth her daughter must be.

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