two hundred and eighteen


I drew the short straw today. Or so I thought. I got to take Jem and her friends to a water polo match at 6pm 40mins away from home. To see those determined little faces in their funny little water polo caps, to watch them soldier against much bigger girls, to see them fight hard and score goals, to feel their pride, to hear my own whoops of joy and encouragement, to feel my not very well hidden competitive spirit. I had such a fun time. I’m grateful for short straws that are actually long straws.

one hundred and seventy three


We never get our delivery of the Noosa News, so I am so very grateful I grabbed a copy from near my coffee spot this morning. And that I got to see my sweet angel’s face when I showed her what I discovered. Her name in print. She thought her offering in class had been chosen for the school newsletter, not for the local paper. Her delight was almost palpable and I am truly grateful to her teachers for her sweet sweet moment. Maybe next time she’ll listen in class too. And Kate was proud of her too, even though she is planning a career in journalism and damn if her baby sister hasn’t beaten her to it.