one hundred and fifty eight

Seeing Kate wearing the jersey (or jumper) my ouma, her great granny, had crocheted for me when I was about her age was just wonderful. I loved that jersey and I’m so grateful Kate loves its now indie vintagey vibe. I’m especially grateful that the trendy sales assistant at Alterior Motif, one of Kates favourite stores, loved it too. My ouma would be thrilled.

one hundred and eighteen


I am so very grateful to have a daughter who loves vintage clothing and who is ok with sharing. Even if there is an air of ‘mmmm, I’m not so sure about my 46 year old mom wearing the same top as me’ about the sharing. Then again, you should have seen the smirk at my ‘selfie’. Oh, stuff it. I am also so very very grateful for a¬†girl’s night out.