two hundred and ninety one


It’s fabulous to be out of your comfort zone. I am grateful to be learning something new from a talented gentleman who so willingly and so ably shares his wisdom, his knowledge and his talent. I am gaining so much, the least of which so far is an understanding of f-stops, shutter speeds and ISO’s. The experience is even sweeter because I’m sharing it with someone who understands exactly what my raised eyebrow means from the other side of the table. No words needed.


My husband really must love me. I am completely and utterly impossible. Arrogant and self absorbed and really really lucky. Lucky because I have a partner who just gets me and really does accept me. Warts and all. I thought about this particularly this morning as I walked into the bathroom while B was showering to get something. I can’t remember what. Anyway, B loves to chat in the morning, especially when he’s in the shower and he has been sensitive to my feeling a bit off colour the last couple of days. ¬†Sooooo, sweetie, he starts. I simply shake my head, without even looking at him. Fetch what I need to fetch and walk out. As if to say, no, not now. Don’t talk to me, don’t engage with me on any level. Not now. He simply carries on with his shower, not offended, not even bothering to comment, not even muttering, bitch under his tongue. Which if I were him I would have. As I walked away I actually thought, bitch, who do you think you are and burst out laughing. Tail between my legs I went back into the bathroom and asked B how the hell he put up with me. He just shrugged. It must be love.