forty six

I am grateful for Mimie today. Mimie is my french teacher. How she puts up with me is beyond me. I miss more lessons than I go to as life seems to always intervene. And when I do go it’s like I’ve never been before. I just can’t seem to retain anything. I blame my meds, I mean it couldn’t possibly be my age. The reason I am grateful for Mimie, is not that she is such a gracious teacher but because she is just the most wonderful person to spend an hour with. I am so grateful we met. Her view on life and the world is frank, refreshing and honest. And we laugh, boy do we laugh.


I am grateful both girls had a good first day back at school today. Neither were anxious, but am fearful the free spirit that is Jem is going to be affected by a teacher not so fondly referred to by her ex students as the screamer. But there is hope. Jem says she’s nice. And has decided she will not listen to everyone else. Who is the real teacher here?