My friends and I have often discussed moms and their kids. Throughout the years.  As in lionesses and their cubs.  And the one thing we have all always recognised is that the one thing that you can never ever do is criticise another child’s behaviour. Even if you believe it’s warranted. And I believe that. I can say my princess is damn cheeky, but if you say it I dare say my lioness hackles will rise. So I get it. And then there’s the behaviour itself and what we find acceptable in our kids. And in others. Or not. And here we all differ. But one thing I find very hard to stand by and not respond to is ganging up, bitchiness, meanness. Unkindness. And I don’t care who is doing it. Two against one. Even if the intention is not to hurt as much as it sadly does. Not in my own home and not out in the world. And I’ve seen my own daughter have a hand in someone’s pain, in our home. And maybe not really knowing exactly how unkind her seemingly innocent disregard of another was. But I made damn sure she understood. As a mother should. Because this lioness protects all cubs not just her own. I simply cannot tolerate unkindness in my midst. Ever. And while I can’t fix the whole world I can speak up when it happens in my little world. And yes, to my cubs. Consequences be damned.