two hundred and seventy seven

18 October. I am spoilt. Most of us are. And I have embraced change. I have. I just don’t do windows. I love saying that.┬áThere really is nothing I wouldn’t do but windows. Okay and ironing. So today I’m grateful for crystal clean windows. And not just the concept, but the company. I am grateful for Crystal Clean Windows today because they made my windows crystal clean. I love that. So obvious its perfect. A bit like The Cleana. I digress again. So I am grateful I can see clearly now. So what if it’s only a bi annual thing. I always was far too anal anyway.

one hundred and seventy


I am grateful for Mr Bean moments. As in ooh, a parcel for me, I wonder who sent it? I am still so amazed at the simplicity of online shopping with the Australian postal system. Parcels just keep arriving. I have no idea what’s in them. It’s like christmas everyday. Today this package contained a Tommy Hilfiger trench coat that I never ordered. I didn’t.