one hundred and seventy eight


I am grateful for new discoveries. I suffer from mild claustrophobia, which manifests itself mostly in my preference for aisle seats in the movies, and for the need to spread my toes. Often. And the inability to wear bed socks or even closed fluffy slippers. Which usually means I have cold feet. Until my most successful online purchase … I love and am so grateful for my only wear at home sock boots things. So not me but so me.


I told a friend about my blog today. I saw her think about it a bit. Then she asked, isn’t it odd to have your life exposed for others to see. I responded with it’s me who’s doing the exposing. It’s my choice to share. I suppose it is a bit confronting for some, but for some reason I’ve always been comfortable exposing myself. And any comments about advertising agency parties as a reply to this post will be ignored. By exposing I mean being generous in my response to questions. Definitely over generous.  I’m not really sure why. Maybe I’m just self absorbed. I’m hoping it’s because I have nothing to hide.