fifty three

I was sitting watching the surfers at the entrance to the national park this evening while I was waiting for Kate. I was just thinking how grateful I am that this is where I get to wait when my heart swelled at the sight of a beautiful old lab lumbering down the walkway. I am very grateful that I was where I was today so I got to meet Whiski. A lovely old boy with the most wonderful and interesting owners who let me play and love and remember.


I was very grateful today that I arrived at the surf club early for my walk. I had time to watch this gorgeous chocolate labrador. Guide dog in training. He sat on this bench alertly watching after his trainer who went in for a swim. He never moved. His gaze never wavered. How committed he was. How committed his trainer was. What a gift to someone he will be. What a gift to me today to just sit and watch and learn.