one hundred and thirty eight

We walked today. We walked. And we walked. Me and three of my wonderful wonderful friends, in the exquisite hinterland of the sunshine coast, 20 plus kms from waterfalls to rain forests to slippery gravel paths on high ridges to icy stream crossings to monkeys to wonderful turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce to horrific sneaky leeches.  There was much to be grateful for (except the leeches) but nothing quite as the sight of the jeep parked 20kms in the middle of nowhere, just as the world was pitched into darkness.  Nothing could beat that sight today. Absolutley nothing.

sixty one

Today I am grateful for a smile from a complete stranger. It seems I belong to a club without meaning to. Most days I get at least a nod, or a hand wave. Today I got a lovely smile. Funnily just when I needed one. A smile from a fellow Jeep driver. Its like an acknowledgement of similar taste. Of similar uncommon taste, because there aren’t that many around here. Jeep’s are unique, robust, uncomplicated, fun and quite basic. Yet kind of cool. It’s funny, the only other time that used to happen was with B’s Landy. Not with the Discovery but the dinkum Landy, which was equally unique, robust, uncomplicated, fun and quite basic. It definitely never happened with the Volvo, which was none of the above. Maybe that’s why. Anyway, I digress … today it felt wonderful to belong to this club that’s not a club. I am very very grateful for that uncomplicated smile today.