two hundred and eighty three

There is something about women and how we share. I am grateful to be surrounded by women who choose to celebrate life. In all its weird and wonderful and challenging ways. And for friends who genuinely open their hearts and their homes. ( And their champagne bottles). Even (or especially) on a school night.

two hundred and seventy five


I needed to feed my soul today. I am grateful I have the perfect place to do just that. And friends who feel exactly the same way. Who understand how it takes my breath away. Every time.

two hundred and forty eight


Today I am grateful for a talented friend who totally got my verbal, just a small retro something, brief for a last minute cake for Jem’s birthday tomorrow. A lovely lovely gracious lady who seldom says no and means it too. I am grateful for authentic genuinely kind friends who teach me to be better. I’ll always be a last minute queen. But better.