two hundred and forty four


15 September. I am grateful for late nights, lie ins and brekkie with B at our favourite spot while the girls are both at sleepovers. We are often alone these days so I really am grateful for how much we enjoy each others company. And that we have a relationship as a couple and not only as parents. In fact, I suspect, a better one. Despite what the little princesses might think.

one hundred and eighty one

14 July  I was blown away by Fratellini’s at Sunshine beach today. They hosted Kate and 20 of her friends for her 15th birthday celebration, with no adult present.  I am grateful for how they went out of their way to make her night special with no input from me.  I am grateful because I so wanted her to be made a fuss of but I was absolutely forbidden by her to do anything. And she loved it. The ‘no fuss’ I mean. Oh and I’m grateful B and I like Sam. Trust Kate to find a fabulous respectful, intelligent, well spoken, ambitious, rugby union playing, gorgeous, family loving boy. I love that she is still young enough to love that we think he’s cool too.