one hundred and thirty

There is very little I need in my world that isn’t chocolate. Unless it’s coffee. And love of course. Which coffee and chocolate actually are fine examples of even if only due to the caffeine and increased serotonin levels respectively. Whatever. Chocolate is my happy pill. But apparently the Australian taste in chocolate is very different to the South African. We like a creamier, less sweet, more swiss like flavour. Lindt is good, but not thick enough. Not for Jem and I anyway. Jem is particularly true to her taste. She simply refuses any. Kate and I are a little less discerning. Or maybe just too hedonistic to ever refuse. Anyway, tonight I am grateful so very grateful we discovered Aldi’s chocolate. Made in Austria. Creamy, thick, melt in your mouth, not so sweet or watery, robust, full of love. I am grateful that tonight, for a moment, we were all happy. And full of love.