ninety one


I am grateful that a little cherub called Coco, thinks I am her fairy godmother. It is truly wonderful to spend time, even if only once a year with my dear friend Y and her family, especially when it feels like no time has passed. Not even for the children. I am honoured to be little Chloe’s (my real name is Coco) godmother, and am determined to find my wand before her next visit.



There is a marked difference to my visit back to South Africa this year. Now I am grateful to say that most places know what a flat white is. I no longer have to order a latte in a cup not a glass with a double shot of espresso sort of thing, or a cappuccino but without the foam or sprinkles. And today Sandi and I went to The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock and I am grateful for the best cup of coffee I have had here to date. From a little company that only does flat whites. Perhaps this is still home after all.