one hundred and eighty eight

Jem was sensational as Alice. She truly amazed me. Amazed all of us. I am grateful she got the chance to find out what she’s capable of. To put herself out there. I am grateful for the love and support she got from her friends and most especially from her big sister. But I am especially grateful for the fact that Alice’s mom can finally get a good night’s sleep tonight.

5 thoughts on “one hundred and eighty eight

  1. Well done Jem. So look forward to home movie night on our next trip. Thank goodness for the opportunity of home movie nights! This long distance thing sucks!! x

  2. From facebook

    Michelle Taylor, Sonja Nel and 8 others like this.

    Melissa Harris So happy for you!!!
    July 21 at 11:45pm · Like

    Jonathan Nienaber Saw the pics earlier and I was it looked as if she was in her element – too much of happiness all around – awesome! She should keep this up for as long as she loves it 😉
    July 22 at 2:16am · like · 1

    Heather McNeice She was truly sensational – you should all be very proud xx
    July 22 at 6:47am · like · 1

    Kerry Solomon Wonderful!
    July 22 at 11:30am · like · 1

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