two hundred and sixty one


2 October. I am grateful for once in a lifetime adventures. As if it wasn’t adventurous enough to do a helicopter landing high in the mountains on the very top of a glacier thick with fresh fresh snow, the wind then picked up and we had to get back to our helicopter to beat a hasty retreat off the glacier. It is hard to be hasty when you’re thigh deep in snow. Much laughter and a little panic from mom. Just a little. Jeepers.

3 thoughts on “two hundred and sixty one

    • It was Lynn … so glad we just did it!! But being in that little bubble while taking off in the wind with the ‘feet’ (apparently called skids) of the helicopter stuck in the snow (well, it felt like that to me!) … yikes! x

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    Janine Daniels Sounds like you’re having a blast. Good ! ❤
    October 4 at 6:03pm via mobile · Like

    Lianne Cawood Janine, Queenstown is a must do! And beautiful. In fact NZ is breathtaking.We did have heaps of fun. We know our family of four holidays will not last forever with teenagers and friends etc etc, so made the most of it! Now …. time to recover!! xx
    October 5 at 9:31am · Like · 2

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