I thought I’d let things fall where they needed to this past month or so. Heeding the advice of many that whilst things feel like they’re falling apart they’re not. They’re just falling into something different. And ain’t that the truth. Bugger is I was quite happy with the before. But growth is something I welcome and change something I’ve learnt to. And we do grow and even transform when we have huge obstacles to overcome. Into something new. But I just can’t quite settle into the new me yet so I’m still letting things fall in to place. Or further apart. And then hopefully back together again. All I do know is, I am not who I was. But dammit, this new me needs to get her shit together soon. I’m feeling far more vulnerable now than when I was kicking cancer’s ass. I was focussed. I was determined. I was a warrior. I had a purpose. I had an army. I was positive. I was not needy. I was not uncertain. I am not fearful, nor am I negative.  And I am so very grateful. But just a little hesistant. A little uncomfortable. A little do I just carry on like nothing happened. Like everything is not different. Forever. Do I live every day like its my last. Do I bother. Do I doubt it all. Do I celebrate it all. Do I just be. Do I love the different me that looks back at me. Obviously I know the answers and hopefully I’ll do exactly that once things all fall into place. And they will. And then they won’t. But universe, no more growing needed. I’m all grown up now.

3 thoughts on “be

  1. Thank you Lianne for making me appreciate your life, humanity and love. I’m not Production Value Partnerships – that’s my bossy business. It’s Adam, B’s friend in Sydney. Ask for my hugggggg from B. He’ll pass it on. That’s all for now otherwise I shall ramble about humility and life. All the things you speak so eloquently of. TTFN.

  2. From facebook

    Lynn Loopuyt Barker ♡♡♡
    Lianne Cawood ♡♡♡

    Nadja O’Keeffe Sending you the BIGGEST of hugs and so much love – you Brave Warrior!

    Susie Pitts Planning a big dose of the best medicine for you today Lianne, laughter. Xx

    Jennifer Profrock You write so beautifully Lianne. With you ….. and sending you every ounce that i have to spare!
    Lianne Cawood ❤

    Shelley Hopkins ❣xxx

    Jennifer Montgomery Spotts You just jump right off the page every time. And me with misty eyes. Hate to be so far away, but we are all there.❤

    Lesley Oliver Loads of ❤ Li

    Janine Daniels 😘😘😘

    Leigh Thomas Just be-autifully said you..💞mwah 💞
    Lianne Cawood 💋

    Deborah MacCourt Roberts Loads ❤ Li 🙌😘
    Lianne Cawood 😘😘

    Anna Macklin You blow me away every time with your words… bloody honest and heart-felt and again you let us all have a sneak peek at your brilliant heart and mind. Love you LC 💗💗
    Lianne Cawood Love you back Anna Mack. Such lovely words 😘

    Louise Fletcher 💕

    Shea Albert We wake up new every day. The person who looks back at us wasn’t there yesterday. One day wiser, one day different. With love compounded.
    Lianne Cawood My wise and funny friend. Love and more love.

    Alana Townsend Beautiful …. So beautiful

    Cathy Raggett Just BE. That is enough for now xx

    Chiquita King I was somewhat composed reading your truth until that last beautiful sentence. Now I’m all teary and not because I feel sad or because there is no hope or anything like that but simply because you don’t realise how much you inspire, how much you’re loved and how your purpose remains so unaffected and unchanged by cancer or anything else that may or may not be foreseen. You are a beacon of incredible light, always have been. Always will. In different forms and for a thousand different reasons. But that you will always be. I love you.
    Kirsten Kairuz You are just incredible xx
    Lianne Cawood ♡

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