two hundred and sixty nine


Kate gave herself and me a big fright today. She had a fainting episode, or syncope, apparently. It was quite terrifying for her to experience. And me to witness. So today I am grateful for my daughter’s resilience in the face of a day of tests, for her growth, for our shared smiles as our eyes met in the various doctor’s rooms and for her pride at her ‘firsts’. I grateful for that little voice as I kissed her goodnight that stopped me at the door, saying, thank you mommy for driving me around today. Because whilst it was young and vulnerable, the choice of words weren’t. And the gratitude was sincere.

1 thought on “two hundred and sixty nine

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    Michelle Gilder Hope she is ok now!!
    October 10 at 11:08pm · like · 1

    Megan Clausen Oh Lord, Ethan has those all the time. They are so scary but really nothing to worry about. Ethan sort of fits too when it happens which is just terrifying. Does she have low iron? That and low blood pressure are Ethan’s problem. Always worse with hunger or tiredness or stress. Lots of little meals and a VItB/Iron combination tablet every day seems to sort it out. Sending love xxx
    October 11 at 4:14am · Like

    Caroline Gayle Forsyth Glad she’s ok… Lovely words! X
    October 11 at 9:32am via mobile · like · 1

    Kerry Solomon Oh no Lianne, that must have been really scary for you both. Is she ok now? Sending love xxx
    October 11 at 1:33pm · like · 1

    Corrie Medhurst Same thing happened to ben a few weeks ago. Had to pick him up from school as he’d fainted in class. He’s been fine ever since though think its an age thing! Hope Shes better today. Xxx
    October 11 at 6:11pm via mobile · like · 1

    Lisa Fourie Sorry to hear this Lianne x
    October 11 at 9:29pm via mobile · like · 1

    Lianne Cawood Aww thank you all for your concern … she’s a lot better, just a bit weak and off colour. Megs, she does have low blood pressure, the rest including hormones, which they suspect are related, are being checked, and had a pelvic ultrasound because of sh…See More
    October 11 at 10:48pm · Like

    Yvette Puchert We’re rooting and thinking of you Kate and mom!! Must have been scarey…
    October 12 at 7:49pm · Like

    Yvette Puchert um that would be scary…..xoxo
    October 12 at 7:49pm · Like

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