two hundred


I am grateful for a sense of humour. Jem, who truly spends too much time smelling those roses, hadn’t given me the plate I had to fill for her school annual fete so I was under a little pressure to bake something late this afternoon. (Never mind I knew well what had to be done but had been otherwise occupied). Anyway felt suitably pleased with myself as did a quick grocery shop, booked a flight, made chicken satay for dinner, one of Kate’s faves as she’s away for a month from monday and baked a cake. I was basking in my super mother glory (see I can be this) when I opened the oven. Fuck. I hate cooking, I hate the kitchen and I’ll never not. I might just pretend from time to time. But, I do love a laugh, especially when its at myself. Just make sure if you’re at the fair you pay a premium for the squonky lemon drizzle, it’s one of a kind.

3 thoughts on “two hundred

  1. LOL xxx Gotta love it. Like mother like daughter……like daughter in law. (Well they do say sons look for their mother in their wives!!) PS I would pay double for this unique cake……knowing just how much love went into it. Perfection is often sans the soul. x

  2. From facebook

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    Ange Nixon Ok, I am laughing so fucking hard right now….and yes I said the fuck word ~ BUT honestly Lianne, that is priceless!!!!!!
    August 2 at 9:34pm · like · 2

    Kerry Solomon Laughing too! Oh and how I relate! Thanks for sharing xxx
    August 2 at 10:00pm · like · 1

    Lisa Fourie LMAO :0)) xx
    August 2 at 11:06pm via mobile · like · 1

    Cathy Raggett How times have changed!!! I now settle for the store bought!
    Friday at 5:00am · Edited · like · 1

    Lianne Cawood Bugger though, think it truly is too squonky to send, so Cathy, might have to revert to type!!! But having a hell of a lot more fun this way round xxx
    Friday at 6:22am · Like

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