one hundred and ninety nine


Last night was quite intense in the Cawood household with much discussion over choices and options, soul searching over commitments already made and opportunities yet explored, and quite a lot of emotion from all. So today I am grateful for this moment of tranquility. And that B was there to share it. And if you look closely, my favourite pelican too, who always puts everything so beautifully in perspective.

3 thoughts on “one hundred and ninety nine

  1. Steiner Anthroposophy requires all decisions to “rest” for 3 days. Put it out there. Debate. Agree. Disagree. Laugh. Cry. Then consciously put it away. Let it rest in you. For 3 days. You’ll be amazed. x

    • Such a lovely gentle philospohy, the pressure we put on ourselves to make a decision there and then does cause unnecessary angst. And do love the clarity that often comes after debate, disagreement, laughter and tears. xx

  2. From facebook

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    Kerry Solomon Glorious photo – I can feel the tranquility just looking at it. Love that you have a special pelican 🙂 Good luck with the decisions that lie ahead xxx
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